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At Ariston Lean Construction Solutions, we offer a range of education and consultation services to help construction teams and organizations implement Lean principles and techniques. Whether you’re looking to improve project outcomes, reduce waste, or enhance team collaboration, our experienced Lean consultants can work with you to develop a customized plan that meets your unique needs and requirements.

LEAN construction
begins with the six tenets.

Turning a turbulent process into one that is well managed , dependable , and consistent.

“Construction is Manufacturing outdoors, in an often hostile, unpredictable, and less than ideal environment, executed under a process which is a holdover from the time prior to the invention of the assembly line. The only real difference between Toyota and our industry is the products and methods. But, the concepts are universal in the field, despite how the build process occurs.”

– D Tim Cordle, MBA

Lean methods seek to develop and manage a project through relationships, shared knowledge and common goals. Traditional silos of knowledge, work and efforts are broken down and reorganized for the betterment of the project rather of individual participants. Users of lean construction techniques report that in their experience, project costs are 20 to 25% lower using lean construction methods as compared to conventional processes. This cost reduction is due in large part of increased production efficiencies, including a reduction in design defects.”


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